Lara's Last Dance

So named for 2 reasons:
1, I don't think she's gonna make this one. lol
2. I won't be doing any more 3D Lara images for a while, if ever.

The reason is I want to truly learn the 3D programs I use, which means taking my focus off Lara. I was never happy with my previous incarnations of Lara; and something kept urging me onwards, it became an obession to craft a more believable Lara figure. Now that I have finally done something I like, I feel I can move on. BOUT TIME!! : )

I'll eventually post a page or two showing how I made this Lara. It was a real pain in the ass. One thing's for sure, y'all are gonna laugh at some of my earlier failures. I laugh when I look at them, but pulled my hair out at the time.

AnyHOO, Thanks to all of you who have visited and appreciated my work. I'm not an artist, this is just something I love doing.


© Geri