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Flying Lara Croft
  Why is Lara leaping for joy? She's ravingly happy about her smooth textures, made possible by Glidos. Just a note: Tomb Raider 1 on the Mac requires no 'fixes'. :P

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Tomb Raider Xtra

  These shots employ the use of Glidos and/or Tomb Raider Xtra textures. A quickie explanation: Glidos makes the PC version of Tomb Raider 1 look smoother; the Xtra textures are high-resolution images that replace the original textures (now, the 1st 3 levels!), which enhances the appearance of things like walls, floors, plants,etc.

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Ancient Faces (Aztec Calendar) Beautiful vine textures in the wall Lara's got a brand new coat! Bear coat2 (detail)
This Aztec calendar is part of the textures in the Xtra download.
The beauty of the (new) vine leaves...
Um... Lara's standing INSIDE the bear...
...And here's a detail of Lara with her new coat.

Some Comparisons: Old vs. Xtra
Original Tomb Raider 1 cave
New textures in an old cave
Original hanging vines
Vines, vines, vines!
The old Tomb Raider 1 cave
...And the new. (Actually, I prefer the blue, marbleized textures you see in some of the original Tomb Raider stones).
The first time I saw this room, I was amazed at the effect...
...So, I was even more appreciative of these new vines. Seems like you can reach up and grab them.

Original Tomb Raider 1 bridge Nice jump! Nice jump! (detail) Batrun
Old bridge
New bridge... (And Lara's delighted with it).
Detail of the previous picture

Dead bear below Lara is being chased by the bear Detail of the bear chasing Lara Lovely wall in the bear's haunt
Poor bear... (Original "Bear Room")
Lara fell into the bear room; ah well, you can see the new textures better.
Detail of the Bear Room.

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