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Flying Lara Croft
  Why is Lara leaping for joy? She's ravingly happy about her smooth textures, made possible by Glidos. Just a note: Tomb Raider 1 on the Mac requires no 'fixes'. :P

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Tomb Raider Xtra

  These shots employ the use of Glidos and/or Tomb Raider Xtra textures. A quickie explanation: Glidos makes the PC version of Tomb Raider 1 look smoother; the Xtra textures are high-resolution images that replace the original textures (now, the 1st 3 levels!), which enhances the appearance of things like walls, floors, plants,etc.

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Hang on!
Shooting the bear
Bear shoot detail
Lara flying in Tomb Raider 1??
All I can say is: Hang on!
I think it's safe to assume that this bear will not be getting up.
Detail of the previous pic
Funny Glidos effect
Remember the hint Lara gives by looking up?
Photoshop lighting effects in Tomb Raider 1
No! Not the wolves!
Hahaha! There's something funny going on with the gun flare. It's a strange Glidos effect.
This picture is pretty boring. I spruced it up a bit in the next one. :P
A little Photoshop never hurt anybody. Or any picture...
NO! Don't shoot the wolf!

No hugs, please! Panthers above Lara pulling the underwater switch Spooky doors! O_o
"No hugs, please!"
I think you know what I mean.
Glidos does wonders for the Unfinished Business level



New doors! Xtra textures rule.

Running Panther Running panther detail Running Panther 2 Running panther 2 detail
Running from a panther (Unfinished Business)
Detail of the previous pic
Still shooting at panthers
Detail of the previous pic

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