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This Tomb Raider  synopsis was written  by Geri. All text between the blue stars
* ) was taken  from Stella's site.

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Tomb Raider begins with the tale of Atlantis, a once glorious continent governed by three rulers, Rulers of the Pyramid Tihocan, Qualopec, and Natla. Atlantis was maintained through the power of a Great Pyramid, which was regulated by a "key" known as the Scion. Each ruler bore a third of the Scion, and they united their pieces The Scion united in order to activate the Pyramid.

Natla abused her power
Bad girl! by using the Pyramid to create mutated species, mutant which she referred to as "a new breed"; but Tihocan and Qualopec considered her work an abomination. Her Scion piece was confiscated,  Natla's shame and she was sentenced to eternal imprisonment. Or so they thought.  Icy Prison

Coincidentally, at the same time that Tihocan hurled the confiscated Scion piece across the sky,  ...and the scion was flung far... a meteorite crashed into Atlantis.  The impact People were killed in its deadly impact, but ensuing tidal waves Tidal wave wreaked even greater devastation. For Atlantis, it was the beginning of the end. Atlanteans drowning

Lara's adventure begins eons later in Calcutta. Natla, who had escaped her prison and was now CEO of Natla Technologies, sought to hire Lara. During a video conference, Video conference
Natla told Lara of  an "age-old artifact of mystical powers, buried in the unfound tomb of Qualopec." Lara's interest was piqued by the mentioning of this
"little trinket", 
The Little "Trinket"  as Natla called it.

The initial stage of Lara's search in Peru led her to what she thought was the Scion. She learned soon after that there were two missing pieces sealed away in unknown locations.This led her back to the Natla
Technologies building for more information.Searing the cable After her unique entrance into the building, Going up Lara ransacked an office and discovered an old, leather-bound book.  * In it, Lara reads of the tomb of Tihocan, one of the three legendary rulers of the lost continent, Atlantis. Comparing notesAccording to the book, the tomb lies beneath the ruins of a monastery that the writer--presumably a monk--refers to as "St. Francis' Folly." The book also reveals that with Tihocan lies his piece of the Scion...*The Little "Trinket"


Now, Lara's journey will extend across Europe and land her in the bowels of the long-lost Atlantis. She must recover the pieces of the Scion before Natla can use them to regain her power. If Natla should succeed, the atrocities she would release upon the world would end life as we know it...

© Geri

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